The On-Phone iPhone Magazine

The first magazine designed for and about the iPhone and iPod Touch. Not print converted to digital, but an evolution of the magazine that takes full advantage of the devices with video, audio and more. You're living in the digital age. Now you've got something to read.

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What's Inside

  • Feature Articles

    Timely articles about popular subjects as seen through the filter of the iPhone and Touch. What apps can help you shop responsibly and eat locally? Why do foreign soccer fans sing? What are the can't-miss concert tours?

  • Cartoons

    It's a funny world and we've got the cartoons to prove it.

  • Game Reviews

    Which game apps are worth the time and money and which are best avoided -- our expert reviewers let you know with weekly video updates.

  • Tips and Tricks

    A video primer on how to make your iPhone or Touch sit, beg, speak and jump through hoops.

  • Photography

    An expert on taking photos with the iPhone provides tips and reviews of photography apps.

  • Weekly Music Update

    Video reviews of the latest releases, updated weekly.

  • What’s on your iPhone?

    You are what you app. A look at the apps that define us.

  • Travel

    The world in your handheld. How your iPhone and Touch can make it easier to get around the city and around the world.

  • iMazing

    Strange uses and astounding apps.